Blacksmiths’ Forum

Where did the large ironworks at Helfštýn come from? Let us introduce the traditional event organised by the castle administration since 1989. The Blacksmiths’ Forum always brings something new, expanding Helfštýn’s collections every year.

Since the revolutionary year of 1989, the world-famous demonstration of proficiency of the masters of the black craft, Hefaiston, is preceded by a smaller event called the Blacksmiths’ Forum. On this occasion, the renovated castle forge shop is made available to selected artistic blacksmiths. These masters are given a week’s time to create a work of art of their own design. Creations with a wide variety of themes have been created during more than thirty years of these events. The high quality of craftsmanship as well as aesthetic quality is ensured by careful selection of top artists from all over Europe, for whom it is a privilege to commit their artwork to the castle collection. Visitors are invited to watch master blacksmiths at work during the last week of August. They can see first-hand the traditional technological processes, masterful dexterity, and physical effort through which the smiths’ hands shape an object that will then permanently enrich the premises of Helfštýn.