Where to park, have fun, shop…?



Located 250 m from the castle. It is operated by the Municipal Office in Týn nad Bečvou, tel. +420 581 797 077.

The administration of the castle has no influence on the amount of the parking fee operated by the municipality.


Guided tour service

Guided tours from 1 April to 29 October for groups of  5 or more people every hour from the station in the second courtyard. The last tour starts, due to the length of the tour route, an hour and a half before the castle's closing time.

Time bookings for tours can be arranged at Helfštýn Castle:

Týn nad Bečvou 333, 751 32  Týn nad Bečvou
Tel. Number: +420 581 702 030/+420 581 797 407

There are no guided tours during all-day cultural events.


Visiting with a dog

Are you going to Helfštýn with your dog? Dogs are welcome and allowed to visit castle for free. We ask that you keep your dog on a leash and clean up after him/her during the entire visit.

In the first courtyard there is a bowl and a source of drinking water for your dogs.

The only place where dogs are not allowed is the torso of the palace. Please take care for the safety of your pets and do not enter the palace with them.


Bicycles and scooters

If you go to Helfštýn on a bike or scooter, you can use the bike stands, which are located in the first courtyard (in front of the ticket office) and in the second courtyard (behind the ticket office, by the souvenir shop and restaurant). Don't forget to bring a lock to secure your bike or scooter to the stand. To ensure the safety of all visitors, it is forbidden to ride bicycles and scooters in the castle area. Thank you for your understanding and compliance!


Sale of publications and souvenirs

On the ground floor under the Gallery in the building on the 2nd courtyard. We offer souvenirs ranging from small items such as postcards and tourist stamps to artwork, jewellery and historical glassware. Phone number: +420 581 797 093, e-mail:



The restaurant in the 2nd courtyard is open for visitors from March to October, coinciding with the opening hours of the castle. Phone number: +420 581 797 406, e-mail:



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Kopretina Wedding Agency

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